Media’s Role On Society

Media is something we cannot escape in today’s day and age.  It is a part of our lives in more aspects than we know, subliminally controlling our everyday decisions and actions. Media has hidden in-discrepancies that one does not see at first glance, but when taking a closer look they become more clear.

Growing Influence

Here in the twenty first century, we find ourselves becoming more and more attached to technology. It has opened a doorway for humanity which allows us to be more connected than ever before. Virtually everyone has access to some outlet of media, whether it be on their phones, computers, TV’s, or almost anything with a screen on it. In the book Hit Makers by Derek Thompson, I learned that “In 2012, for the first time ever, Americans spent more time interacting with digital devices like their laptops and phones than with television.”

girl virtual bike
Courtesy of Pexels

This comes as no surprise to me, being a student myself and seeing all the devices in schools alone. Kids this century are more familiar with devices like the Ipad from an early age than they are with playing outside. This influence this has on the people is substantial.

High Speed Information Exchange

Information has never before reached people as fast as it does today. The media has an infinite amount of outlets today, and they take advantage of them. Someone in Rome can learn about a major event that take place in California in a matter of minutes because of all the social media such as Twitter. those who control these media sources like Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and countless more, have the ability to influence people’s decisions on a major scale, and they put use to these abilities.


Control over people via the use of media is nothing new, however it is more prominent in the modern day. One article called Mind Control: It’s Happening To You Right Now states, “In 1928, Bernays proudly described how his techniques for mental manipulation had permitted a small elite to control the minds of the American population:” Control over the people has only grown since then, and continues to do so as people become more and more attached to technology.


woman on phones
Courtesy of Pexels

Today our smart devise are practically an extension of our bodies, we don’t seem to go anywhere without them. In this photo you can see how a small group of women went outdoors for walk, and yet they are resting while using their phones. This is the case almost everywhere we go, always our phones or smart device near by ready to be opened. The media that the device contains is always there, always waiting for our eyes to see, always reminding you of it’s presence, influencing your each and every decision.


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